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A Cow-munity in Tokyo!

September 16, 2008

A Cow-munity in Tokyo!

The cow-munity is made up of over 70 pieces of bovine art in Tokyo’s Marunouchi district and they aren’t just loafing around!  They are part of Cow Parade 2008. Fiberglass replicas of cows and calves have been decorated by local celebrities and the resulting bovine art won’t be put out to pasture after this unique art exhibit in downtown Tokyo, they will be auctioned off to support social welfare organizations.

I found eighteen cows as I walked along Marunouchi-Nakadori Avenue between Yurakucho and Tokyo Stations.  The artists created some surreal cows – some were subdued, many were very bright and a few were just a little strange.  The one that made me laugh out loud looked as if she had was headed home from a very long night out on the town with her fishnet stockings a little worse for wear – I’m calling her the S&M cow!

The Cow Parade was started 10 years ago in Switzerland and has made appearances in Paris and New York.  This is the third time the event is being held in Tokyo.  The Cow Parade 2008 will be on display until October 19th so you will want to get a mooo-ve on if you want to see them before they are herded off to their new homes!

This slide show features the 18 cows that I encountered on my walk this past weekend:

Which was your favorite member of the cow-munity in the Tokyo 2008 Cow Parade?

Image Credit: Personal Collection