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Aloha from Tokyo!

The Tokyo Traveler has gotten a mention in The Honolulu Advertiser!  The headline reads “TRAVEL BLOG GIVES AN INSIDER’S VIEW OF JAPAN’S CAPITAL CITY” and it’s the second segment in the May 18th travel update.

The picture to the right is of me watching Sumo at Yasukuni Shrine and was used in the article.  It’s really exciting to be mentioned in the newspaper and not something that I am used to but I am sure getting a kick out of it!

Now I would like to say Aloha and Yokoso (welcome) to all of my visitors from Hawaii and ask “What do you want to know about Tokyo?

Take some time to browse through The Tokyo Traveler and when you have finished planning your trip to Tokyo why not check out The Hawaii Traveler for some information on things to do closer to home?

Photo Credit:  Personal Collection

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