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Asahi Breweries Headquarters Building

April 3, 2008

Asahi Breweries Headquarters Building

Located in the Asakusa area and built in 1989 the 22 story Asahi Brewery Headquarters building is said to capture the essence of a sudsy glass of beer. The adjoining Asahi Super Dry Hall was designed by the noted French designer Philippe Starck and the “Flaming Ornament” on the roof is a symbol of Asahi Breweries’ dynamic heart according to the Asahi Breweries web site.

If you are craving a beer after seeing the building from a distance just head over to the Asahi Super Dry Hall where a variety of bars and restaurants can be found.

The “Flaming Ornament” is hard to miss on the skyline of Asakusa but many people have different opinions about what it symbolizes….I’ll let you be the judge.

Photo Credit: Personal Collection