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Celebrate 106 Years of The Kinoshita Circus

The Kinoshita Circus has erected the big top in a suburb of Tokyo and will be putting on their version of the Greatest Show on Earth through August 27th.

Some of the highlights from this 10 act circus include:

A good source (my hairdresser) tells me that this is a great event and a lot fun for the whole family.

Show times: Monday – Wednesday 11AM & 1:40PM Fridays 1PM & 3:40PM Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays 10:20AM, 1PM & 3:40PM

Tickets prices start at Y1,700 for children. (detailed seating diagram and prices)

Location: Near Chiba-Minato Station on the Keiyo Line, about 45 minutes from Tokyo station (map)

Photo Credit: Flickr, Ringling Circus Museum