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Chill out at the Absolut Icebar in Tokyo

Absolut Icebar Tokyo is the first permanent icebar in Japan and when it opened in February of 2006 it was the first Abbsolut Icebar outside of Europe.  Everything in the bar from the walls to the bar itself, the tables and chairs and even your glass is made from crystal clear ice from the Torne River in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden.

Cover is Y3,500 for a 45 minute visit, long enough as the temperature is kept at a chilly minus 5 degrees Celsius year around, and includes a cape to keep you warm during your stay and a Vodka cocktail (or non-alcoholic drink) served in your very own ice glass.

The bar is currently undergoing a renovation and will reopen on November 1st with a new interior decor and all new ice.   Absolut Icebar Tokyo is open from 6PM to midnight Sunday through Thursday and on Friday and Saturdays from 6PM to 1:15AM.

Reservations for 45 minute slots are recommended and can be made online on the ABSOLUT ICEBAR TOKYO website.

Image Credit: FLickr, ice glasses on the ice bar