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Fashion retailer H&M Comes to Tokyo

H&M, the trendy budget conscious fashion retailer, is set to open three new stores in Tokyo over the next year and on Saturday, September 13th they will celebrate the grand opening of their first Tokyo Store in the fashionable Ginza district.  They will follow with a store in Harajuku in November and another in trendy Shibuya next fall.

In reporting on the openings, Japan Marketing News describes the various locations and talks about the challenges that H&M faces entering the fickle Japan fashion market.  H&M was established in Sweden in 1947 and has over 1,400 stores in 28 countries.  H&M has offered collections designed by Madonna and has a line of beach wear dedicated to Kylie Minogue.

I haven’t been in many H&M stores but I will definitely be checking them out to see if they offer anything larger that a US size six – but don’t get me started on finding clothes or shoes that fit in Japan….that’s a whole different story!

Image Credit:  FLicrk, Toronto Retail Window Display