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Free Bus Routes in Tokyo

June 25, 2008

Free Bus Routes in Tokyo

Take advantage of three free bus routes around in Tokyo – your feet and your wallet will thank you!

The Marunouchi Shuttle operates in the area around the Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace every 15-20 minutes from 8AM – 8PM weekdays and 10AM – 8PM on weekend and holidays. (route map & schedule)

Metrolink Nihonbashi operates on the opposite side of Tokyo Station (Yaesu exit) and circles around the historic Nihonbashi and Kyobashi areas. Busses run daily, every 10 minutes, from 10AM – 8PM . Sights in the area include the Nihonbashi bridge, the Kite Museum and the Museum of Coinage & Currency (map).

Tokyo Bay Shuttle operates in and around the modern Odaiba area every 15-20 minutes from 11AM – 8PM. In this area you will find some great shopping, the Giant Sky Wheel, the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo’s very own miniature version of the Statue of Liberty. (route map & schedule).

Photo Credit: Personal Collection & Wikimedia, Nihonbashi 1114