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Fukutoshin – Tokyo’s Newest Subway Line

Commuting from southwest Saitama prefecture to Ikebukuro and Shibuya will get a lot easier with the opening of the newest subway line in Tokyo. The brand new Fukutoshin line is due to open June 14 and is the 13th urban line in Tokyo. It will also be the last line constructed by Tokyo Metro and will utilize the modern looking 10,000 series train pictured below.

The Fukutoshin line is the deepest line of the 13 at 40 meters (131 feet) underground and it will be the first to offer express service. The express will make the run from Shibuya to Ikebukuro in 11 minutes and the local will take 16 minutes.

There are 16 stops on the Fukutoshin line and the line is so new that it is not on has now been added to the English Route Map (PDF) provided online by Tokyo Metro. Here is a list of the 16 stations with their city or ward in parenthesis:

F1 Wakōshi (Saitama) F2 Chikatetsu-Narimasu (Itabashi, Tokyo) F3 Chikatetsu-Akatsuka (Nerima, Tokyo) F4 Heiwadai (Nerima, Tokyo) F5 Hikawadai (Nerima, Tokyo) F6 Kotake-Mukaihara (Nerima, Tokyo) F7 Senkawa (Toshima, Tokyo) F8 Kanamechō (Toshima, Tokyo) F9 Ikebukuro (Toshima, Tokyo) F10 Zōshigaya (Toshima, Tokyo)

F11 Nishi-Waseda (Shinjuku, Tokyo)

F12 Higashi-Shinjuku (Shinjuku, Tokyo) F13 Shinjuku-sanchōme (Shinjuku, Tokyo) F14 Kitasandō (Shibuya, Tokyo)

F15 Meiji-Jingūmae (Shibuya, Tokyo)

F16 Shibuya (Shibuya, Tokyo)

Recently a reporter with the Asahi Shimbum had an opportunity to preview the line and learn more about it’s construction. The article, Reporter digs up the dirt on a new subway line, is an well worth reading.

For more information on how to use the subway system in Tokyo you will want to read Taking the Subway in Tokyo – The Basics. It may help you if you have a chance to check out the new Fukutoshin line.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia, Tokyo-metro 10000
Station Name Source: Wikipedia, Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line