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Geisha Guys?

April 7, 2008

Geisha Guys?

Did you know that the latest accessory in Japan for successful women executives is a Geisha Guy? Women pay these Geisha Guys anywhere from $1-50 thousand, yes thousand, dollars a night to be lavished with compliments and treated like a princess. One customer is quoted as saying “This is a gift for myself, it’s the same as spending money on a trip or buying something.”

In Japan, if a women is over 25 and still single some would liken her to a Christmas Cake, which is really hard to get rid of after December 25th (or in this case a Japanese woman’s 25th birthday). Traditionally after marriage, and certainly after children arrive on the scene, a Japanese woman will usually stop working. But this is changing and more and more women are opting to go the career route and delay or forgo marriage altogether.

The dating scene must be tough if you need to pay fifty grand to have a nice date!

Photo Credit; Flickr, 和服男像 kimono for men