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Hello Kitty – Japan’s Famous Feline

Hello Kitty is a busy feline these days, and at thirty-four she is not showing any signs of slowing down, in fact she is busier than ever. Hello Kitty was recently named Tourism Ambassador to China and Hong Kong and she will be featured on limited edition postage stamps that will go on sale in Japan on July 23rd.

There are three different versions on the postage stamps, a set of Y50 stamps (Y500 for 10 stamps), a set of Y80 stamps (Y800 for 10 stamps), and a deluxe collectors set for Y6,090 that includes both of the above and several plastic netsuke, or tiny carved figures, of the couple wearing flowing “The Tale of Genji” samurai and princess robes.

Hello Kitty is not just on stamps. In the coming months you will find a 5 megaixel digital camera shaped like Hello Kitty’s face, a 512 megabyte USB memory card covered with sparkling rhinestones, and a humidifier in Hello Kitty’s image. Hello Kitty also gets paid for TV commercial appearances and has two cafes in her name in Japan.

If you are a Hello Kitty fan you will find a huge array of goods available in stores and at tourist destinations in Japan. Many items are exclusive to the Japan market so be prepared to pick them up when you see them.

Photo Credit: Flickr, Hello Kitty in Japanese dress #8524