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How Much Do You Know About Tokyo?

National Geographic has put together a WorldWise quiz about Tokyo that will test your knowledge of this great city. Some of the questions are tough ones but taking the quiz a great opportunity to learn more about the history, landmarks and some trivia about Tokyo.  Here are six of the ten questions:

  • What does the word “Tokyo” mean?
  • What are the “flowers of Edo”?
  • How tall is the Tokyo Tower?
  • What is the name of Tokyo’s famous fish market?
  • Today’s Imperial Palace dates back to what year?
  • Which is the biggest of Tokyo’s “Three Grand Festivals”?

Take the WorldWise Quiz:Tokyo by National Geographic to find out how Tokyo savvy you are, but don’t be disappointed if you don’t do well, that just means you have to come for a visit and find out the answers firsthand!

Hint:  Some of the answers to these questions have been provided right here at The Tokyo Traveler!

Photo Credit:  Personal Collection