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How Tokyoites Celebrate Halloween

Parades and parties are on the Halloween calendar in Tokyo!  Summer and O-bon is the season of ghosts in Japan, but Tokyoites have embraced the fall fun of a western-style Halloween with a few events around the city. Participate or just watch the Hello Halloween Pumpkin Parade down Omotesando-dori towards Harajuku.  The festivities in the area run from 11AM to 6PM on October 26th.

Tokyo Disney’s Halloween 2008 got an early start on September 12th and will run through October 31st.  Feel free to visit the park in costume but be sure to check the costume guidelines before heading out.

Adults will enjoy the Metroplis GlitterBall 2008 at WOMB in Shibuya from 7PM on October 30th. All-you-can-drink (until midnight) presale tickets are available online for Y2,500.

Just because you are in Tokyo this Halloween doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and celebrate!

Image Credit: Flickr, Donguri Garden Halloween