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Improvise A Bit in Tokyo

School is back in session, improv school that is!  Have you always been fascinated with improv theater and thought that maybe someday you’d like to give it a try?  Now you can!

All native-level English speakers are welcome to attend a weekly two hour improv workshop hosted by Chris Wells, director of the Tokyo Comedy Store  for the past 13 years and an improv performer himself.  Workshops are held every Tuesday night, from 7 to 9PM, in Azabu-juban and are reasonably priced at 2,100 Yen.   Each workshop starts with exercises based around a theme for the evening which are followed by scene work in the latter half of the class. Reserve your spot for the Tokyo Comedy Store Improv Workshop online as class size is limited. Budding comics, actors and actresses are not the only ones who can benefit from an improv workshop.  Chris says that “anyone interested in unleashing their creativity or getting over a fear of public speaking” will benefit by learning some of the skills utilized by improv performers.  He suggests attending a Tokyo Comedy Store show before signing up for a workshop so you can familiarize yourself with improv and put some of the exercises and activities done at the workshops into perspective.

The Tokyo Comedy Store offers two different performances in English.  The TCS Crocodile Show is a two hour show, held on the fourth Friday of each month, featuring stand-up comedy in the first act and improv theater in the second.  The Tokyo Cynics perform one hour stand-up shows on various dates throughout the city.  Reservations for the The Crocodile Show can be made online while Tokyo Cynics performances are first come first serve with a schedule of upcoming shows available online.

The performers at the Tokyo Comedy Store have been making Tokyo laugh for over 13 years.  Why not catch a show and then sign up for am improv workshop – your funny bone will thank you for it!

Image Credit: Used with permission from Chris Wells.