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Japanese Food – Curry

Curry and rice is one of the most common dishes eaten in Japanese homes today and is considered a perfect comfort food.

It is said that the first Japanese person tasted curry on board a ship on its way to the United States in 1871. The following year a recipe for curry was published in a “Guide to Western Cuisine”. This came at a time when the Japanese were eagerly trying to absorb western culture but curry was considered a gourmet dish as it was very expensive due to the fact that the curry powder used to make theses dishes was imported from the United Kingdom. The first Japanese curry powder was introduced in 1923 and the dish became more affordable. Check out the whole story on the S&B Foods website.

Curry is often eaten plain with rice but it is more commonly seen in restaurants as a stew with beef, carrots and potatoes. It’s delicious, reasonably priced and widely available in restaurants so give it a try sometime!

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Photo Credit: Personal Collection