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Japanese Game Show Exports

Japan is exporting the premise of many of their popular game shows to the United States. ABC’s I Survived a Japanese Game Show has been getting some good reviews and Fox is also producing a new show called “Hole in the Wall” which is based on the game Human Tetris, made famous in Japan. The premise of both these shows and others that may be in the pipeline came from, or were based off of, game shows that originated in Japan.

Being in Tokyo, I haven’t had the opportunity to either show, but I can tell you that the originals are very funny and feature a series of humiliating and crazy stunts that would fit right into a Three Stooges movie.

Check out this clip of Human Tetris from Japan:

If you have some down time on your next trip, take a moment to flip through the channels on your hotel television set. Game shows on Japanese television will make you laugh, even if you can’t understand Japanese, and you may just get to see the next big export to America before anyone else!