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Kappabashi – Kitchenware Town

Located about a quarter or a mile to the west of the Nakamise shopping district in Asakusa you will find Kappabashi Dogugai Street. If you are a fan of kitchenware and gadgets then this is the place for you! There are 170 plus shops along a flag lined half mile stretch that sell Japanese, Chinese and Western style tableware, dishes, pots, pans and cooking and baking supplies.

Most of the shops along Kappabashi Dogugai are open to the street which makes it easy to check out the wares on display. You may also find some good deals right on the sidewalk as many of the vendors have small outdoor displays of sale items. I picked up some beautiful, bamboo shaped, ceramic chopstick rests that double as whistles for Y100 each ($1 USD)- they were too cute and unusual to pass up! I didn’t see the original price of Y420 ($4-5 USD) each until I got home and now I can’t wait to go back and see what other deals I can come up with!

Some stores are very beautifully designed, like the one pictured above, and others have a more utilitarian appearance similar to the display of traditional Japanese iron tea kettles shown below. Still others seem no larger than a walk-in closet and are so full of stock that they are hard to navigate through but don’t pass them by as you might just find something you have to have amidst the overflowing shelves.

If you love kitchenware you will be very happy browsing through all of the stores on Kappabashi Dogugai Street and you may even go home with something special that will always remind you of your trip to Tokyo. I know that I could spend a whole day and a lot of Yen there- too bad those kettles are so heavy!

Photo Credit: Personal Collection