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Let Them Make Cupcakes in Tokyo

The Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo is offering a great family event during the months of July and August.  Mom, Dad and kids can all learn to make and decorate cupcakes under the guidance of the hotel’s pastry chef, Ryoko Nonoda, the first-ever female chief pastry chef in the history of RIHGA Royal Hotels group.

You can eat your creations too!  After the class, enjoy you cupcakes fresh from the oven with some tea and take some home to eat later.  Classes are scheduled on July 29th, August 4th, 7th, 22nd and 26th at 1PM and are estimated to be 3 1/2 hours long.  The fee is ¥6,000 for a child/parent pair.

The twelve story hotel has 127 rooms ranging in price from 35,805 yen for a double room to 404,250 yen for a royal suite and is located near Waseda University with many rooms overlooking peaceful Okuma Garden. 

The Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo is a 7-minute walk from Waseda subway station or a 10-minute free shuttle-bus ride from JR Takadanobaba Station. (access map & directions).  To make a room reservation or to book your cupcake class call (03) 5285-1121.

You don’t need to be a guest at the hotel to participate in the great event so why not make it a date and bring out the inner pastry chef in yourself and your kids?

Source: Beat the heat with eels or bake your own cakes at the Rihga