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Make Yourself A Sake Margarita!

In honor of World Cocktail Week (May 8-13), Jon, The DC Traveler, has challenged the Travel & Culture Channel here at b5 media to come up with a humorous/satirical cocktail that stereotypes their city.  But first, let me give you an idea for a twist on the traditional Margarita.  Why not try a Sake (Japanese Rice Wine) Margarita?  How to mix has recipes for almost every cocktail imaginable and was my source for the following recipe:

Sake Margarita

Salt1.0 fl. oz. of Sake1.0 fl. oz. of Orange Curacao1.0 fl. oz. of Lime Juice


Mixing Procedure: Frost the rim of a martini glass with salt, combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with the ice, shake, strain into the martini glass, garnish with a Wedge of Lime.

This sounds pretty good doesn’t it?  Why not impress your friends and try one this weekend?

Now for a little fun…

The Tokyo Tsunami

Take 2 salary-men and 1 boss who loves to drink and can force his subordinates to go out with him for a round or two after work.  Combine with 1 izakaya (pub or bar) and a few rounds of the aforementioned sake.  Then, after the izakaya has closed, let them loose on the streets and trains and you have a Tokyo Tsunami!

The Tokyo Tourist

Combine 1 American tourist, with a problem, who doesn’t speak Japanese, and 1 helpful Japanese person who doesn’t speak English.  Shake well to see how slowly and loudly the tourist can speak, in English!

Photo Credit: Flickr, Blood Orange Margarita at Frontera Grill