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Map the Tokyo Art Scene with Tokyo Art Beat

In Tokyo you will find museums and galleries around every corner and it’s hard to keep up with everything that is going on in the Tokyo art scene.  Tokyo Art Beat is a great site that provides it’s readers with event listings and details for art & design related events around the city. This site covers 500 venues and is the most comprehensive online resource available in English.

Tokyo Art Beat has now taken it a step further and now offers the Tokyo Art Map at more than 200 locations around Tokyo.  In an effort to promote an even wider distribution, Tokyo Art Beat has started a neighborhood distribution campaign and made the second edition, covering 52 different events in June & July, available online.  The Tokyo Art Map provides and overview of each event, sorts them by area and, as the title suggest, plots most of the featured venues on neighborhood maps.  Many of the events are free, just look for the happy face, and some have an entrance fee which is easily determined by looking for the “Y” symbol beside the listing.

Take a moment to download the Tokyo Art Map and plan to explore the Tokyo art & design scene the next time you visit.  Some of the exhibitions featured in the second edition of the Tokyo Art Map include:

There are many more interesting events and to help keep you up to date I’ve added Tokyo Art Beat to the blogroll of this site – check back often to see what new in Tokyo’s vibrant art scene.

Photo Credit:  Tokyo Art Beat – Art Map, Used with Permission