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Marunouchi Art Weeks

Staring on March 28th and running through April the 15th you can get your fill of art in Tokyo during Marunouchi Art Weeks. The three week event will be staged at eleven galleries and the group has prepared a walking tour to make it easier for visitors to get around the area.

Some of the highlights of the event include an exhibition of 45 works chosen from graduation exhibitions of major Japanese art colleges at Art Award Tokyo and Art Fair Tokyo 2008 which is Japan’s largest trade show selling works from over 108 galleries.

The exhibition that I am most looking forward to is the interactive ‘Foret de bambous’ by Ante Vojnovic. Here is an excerpt from a review of the exhibit in the 2008 Spring Edition of Kateigaho International Edition, an English language magazine detailing the art, culture and lifestyle of Japan:

“As visitors wandered into the forest of white painted bamboo, they were enclosed and engaged in direct communication with their surroundings. That was exactly the way Vojnovic intended for viewers to interact with his work: “To feel the shape and existence of objects with all five sense,” the artist says.”

Check out the Marinouchi Art Weeks walking tour or get some more detailed information on the exhibits from the Marounouchi Art Fair PDF Guide.