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Need some luck? Get a Daruma Doll

Have you been having a string of bad luck lately?  Are you starting a new job, a new business or a new relationship that you want to be successful at?  If so, you should get a Daruma Doll.   Legend says that these dolls are named after Daruma, the Japanese name for Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism, who achieved enlightenment by staring at a blank wall for many years and who lost the use of his arms and legs as a result.

The first Daruma Dolls are said to have been made some 300 years ago at a temple in Takasaki City,Gunma Prefecture. The dolls symbolically lack arms and legs and the pupils are left blank. They are considered good luck talismans in Japan and represent the persistence and dedication required to achieve your goals.  When you purchase or receive a Daruma Doll as a gift, make a wish and draw in one of the pupils (usually the right) and when your wish comes true it is time to draw in the other pupil.

Many businesses in Tokyo, and throughout Japan, have a prominently displayed Daruma Doll in their establishments.  The most common color for Daruma Dolls is red, symbolizing good luck, while white Daruma represent purification and new birth and blue Daruma represent the vitality of the spirit. 

If you need some luck, get yourself a Daruma Doll.  The Japanese have had faith in these rotund dolls for over three hundred years so it’s worth a shot!

Photo Credit:  Personal Collection