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Red Carpet Bartending Lessons in Tokyo

Combine some bourbon, amaretto and a little cranberry juice and you have the award winning Red Carpet Cocktail created by Takahiro Watanabe of the Keio Plaza Hotel’s Polestar Skybar.  Sounds like a tasty drink to sip while overlooking the Tokyo skyline from the hotels’ 45th floor in Shinkjuku, and it’s only one of the award winning drinks created by Watanabe over the years!

In honor of the award, the staff of the Polestar Skybar have teamed up with the Liquid Culture team at The Japan Times to offer an afternoon workshop in the art of the cocktail.

Reserve your Red Carpet Treatment quickly as there are only 20 places and they will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.


Date: Saturday Oct. 18
Time: 1PM -3:30PM
Place: Polestar bar, 45F Keio Plaza Hotel, Shinjuku (Keio Plaza Access Map)
Price: ¥5,000 (includes workshop, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres)
Contact: Email coldicott [AT] japantimes [DOT] co [DOT] jp for more information or to apply.

Image Credit:  Flickr, Wink