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Royal Park Hotel

The Royal Park Hotel is located in Ningyocho, one of the city’s oldest and most traditional neighborhoods. The hotel goes out of its way to make sure that guests feel welcome and offers a variety of different ways for guests to explore the history, culture and culinary options that the area has to offer. The guest relations officer will be clad in a traditional kimono on weekdays and will be happy to provide you with a map of the area and sightseeing suggestions.

Discover Old Edo (Tokyo) by Rickshaw or explore some of the area restaurants by utilizing the bilingual menus offered to guests. The hotels restaurants serve Kobe and Matsuzaka beef steaks Teppan-yaki style and Tempura and the Orpheus Sky Lounge offers views of the Tokyo skyline from the Sumida River to Tokyo Tower.

The Royal Park Hotel is located next door to the Tokyo City Air Terminal (TCAT), which provides easy access to and from Narita International Airport. Room rates start at Y35,700 (US $357) for double occupancy. (access map)

Image Credit: Flickr, Royal Park Hotel, Tokyo