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Shin-Marunouchi Building

Between the Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace you will find the ultra modern Marunouchi District of Tokyo. The shining Shin-Marunouchi Building is the newest building on the block and is one of the largest shopping and dining complexes in front of Tokyo Station.

The high-rise tower reaches a height of 198m (650 feet) and houses four floors dedicated to restaurants that feature cuisines running the gamut from traditional Japanese to Brazilian Barbeque and Modern Australian and everything in between.  An additional four floors are dedicated to wide variety of retail stores.  The remaining 30 floors house various corporate offices.

Fusing the rich legacy of Marunouchi with a modern vision for the future, the stately silhouette of this new landmark building was conceived by the globally renowned British architect Sir Michael Hopkins…..the Shin-Marunouchi Building symbolizes the new look and functionality of the Marunouchi Area.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting this great building and enjoyed walking through the art deco inspired lobby on my way to a delicious traditional Japanese Soba lunch at Ishizuki on the 5th floor.  After lunch I took a brief stroll out onto the open-air patio and had the pleasure of looking down on the renovations of Tokyo Station.   I will be heading back soon and recommend that you check it out the next time your are in the area.  (access map & directions)

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