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Sushizanmai – Right off the Boat in Tsukiji!

Do you like your sushi fresh? I mean straight off the boat fresh? Then you must go to Sushizanmai in the Tsukiji district of Tokyo. The Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market in Tsukiji receives about 4,000 tons of fish and vegetables a day and some of that goes straight to Sushizanmai. You can’t get any fresher than that!

Upon arriving at the restaurant we were warmly greeted by a cheerful, apron clad, standing outside the restaurant clapping her hands and saying “irashai!” or welcome. We were quickly ushered in to a table on the main level but there are also seats upstairs or at the main sushi bar if you want to be closer to the action.

The interior of the restaurant is warmly lit and the sushi chefs are a very lively bunch who often pause to announce a special that is about to be prepared. The waiters are patient and friendly and the service is prompt. The prices are reasonable, but most importantly the food is oishi-desu! Absolutely delicious!

Pictured below you will see my husband eagerly reaching for some of this great sushi as I took the picture. I made it just in time!

In a clockwise direction starting at the top left the sushi pictured above is Salmon (Y98/piece), a type of roe that I can’t remember the name of, minced tuna hand-rolls (Y300/roll), Seared Fatty Tuna (Y398/piece), Squid legs (Y98/piece), and in the center is Pink Tuna (Y98/piece).

I would highly recommend the Salmon and the Seared Fatty Tuna but it’s a toss up on the roe as my husband stated quite bluntly that it “tasted like the inside of a tennis ball” and as a result I chickened out and didn’t try it. Only one out of the four of us enjoyed the roe and the one that did was the only one who was born and raised in Japan.

If you like sushi you definitely want to check out Sushizanmai!

Here’s How:

Sushizanmai (website)
Locations: 20 different locations, we went to the Honten location (map). Menu: An English menu is available and some locations offer set menus or courses. (sample menu)
Hours: Varies by location but the Honten location is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Table Time Limit: Two hours

Photo credit: Personal Collection