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Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony

Held in beautiful and spacious Hamarikyu Gardens, the Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony offers a unique opportunity to experience a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony.  Demonstrations and lectures will be held in an effort to familiarize both citizens and international visitors with the ancient history and rituals associated with tea in Japan.

In October 1587, the feudal warlord, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, hosted a tea ceremony occasion at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine in Kyoto, serving tea to his guests whether or not they were interested in tea. It is said that he created over 800 place settings and brought a golden tea room into the shrine and showed off his fine tea-making utensils.

Inspired by the Kitano Grand Tea Ceremony the Tokyo Culture Recreation Project is presenting the Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony, the first ever large-scale tea ceremony, at Hamarikyu Gardens.  Bring the kids along as there will be a special tea ceremony for children as well as traditional Edo-period Geisha dancing and music performed by musicians from Tokyo University of the Arts.

Hamarikyu gardens were used as a falconry site for Shogun families until 1644, eventually becoming home to the detached palace of Japan’s royal family and finally a public park in 1946.  It is a fitting venue of the Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony.

Event Details

Dates:  October 25th & 26th
Location: Hamarikyu Gardens, 7 minute walk from Shiodome or Tukiji-ichiba Stations, 12 minute walk from Shinbashi Station, or via the scenic Suijo Waterbus.
Park Admission fees: Adults and students of 7th grade and over – 300 yen Seniors (65 and over) -150 yen Children (6th grade and under) and students up to and including 9th grade who live in Tokyo or who go to schools in Tokyo – Free

Tea Ceremony Participation Fee: An additional 300 to 500 yen, purchase tickets at the park entrance.

Image Credit: Flickr, tea ceremony

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