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Tokyo Metro Subway Pass Discounts

Are you flying into Narita International Airport?  Do you want to save some money while riding the subway around Tokyo?  You can now purchase Tokyo Metro Open Tickets for Tourists at ticket counters in Narita International Airport.  One or two-day tickets are available and offer a 15-30% discount of the rates that you would normally pay for a Tokyo Metro One-Day Open Ticket.


  • Tokyo Metro Open Tickets for Tourists can only be purchased at the airport.
  • Tokyo Metro 2-Day Open Ticket (Adult: 980 yen, Child, 6-11: 490 yen)
  • Tokyo Metro 1-Day Tourist Open Ticket (Adult: 600 yen, Child, 6-11: 300 yen)
  • The ticket is valid for six months from the date of purchase.
  • “One day” refers to the period between the first train in operation in the early morning to the last train around midnight.
  • The 2-Day Open Ticket is good for two consecutive days.
  • Children under six are free.
  • Detailed information and ticket counter maps (PDF).

If you purchase a Tokyo Metro One-Day Open Ticket at a Tokyo Metro station in Tokyo the adult fare will be Y710 and a child will cost Y360.  No two-day tickets are available. So taking a moment to pick up your Tokyo Metro Open Tickets for Tourists at the airport will save you quite a bit of Yen, especially if you are traveling with a group!

For more information on Tokyo Metro and how to use the system take a moment to read Taking the Subway in Tokyo – The Basics.

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