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Tokyo Port Festival This Weekend

May 22, 2008

Tokyo Port Festival This Weekend

The Tokyo Minato Matsuri or Port Festival will be held in the vicinity of Harumi Pier on Saturday, May 24th & Sunday, May 25th.  The highlight of the weekend will be on Saturday from 10:30-11:00 AM when the Tokyo Fire Board will hold a fireboat parade and a “water pageant” at the Harumi Passenger Terminal where they will show of the prowess of their vessels with a “water pageant”‘ display in five colors. On both Saturday and Sunday a flea market and bazaar will in the area featuring wholesale fish, vegetables and flowers among other things. Access:

Kachidoki station is the closest and from there it’s a 20 minute walk to Harumi Pier or you could take a taxi for approximately Y1,000 from the station.(area map)

An alternate route would be to take the water taxi from Hinode Pier to Harumi Pier at a cost of Y200.  The Hinode Pier is a 2 minute walk from the Hinode Station or an 8 minute walk from the Hamamatsucho Station (map).

To get some help planning your route use the Tokyo Transfer Guide – it’s a handy resource that’s always at your fingertips in the right sidebar.

Photo Credit: Flickr, 4174