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Tokyo Station is Getting a Facelift!

May 27, 2008

Tokyo Station is Getting a Facelift!


Efforts began in 2004 to renovate and preserve the Tokyo Station for the first time since the end of WWII.  The renovations will be completed by 2013 and will include the reconstruction of the domes atop the station, restoration of the red brick facade and repairs to the third floor of the facility.

Architect Kingo Tatsuno designed the original building which was built in 1914.  The building has three above ground floors and a basement level and is one of the busiest stations in the Tokyo metropolitan area.  Tokyo Station survived the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 but the building did not fare so well in 1945 when fire raids damaged the third floor and destroyed the domes that originally graced the building.  In 1947 the domes were reconstructed in the octagonal style that you see in the top photo but the third floor was never repaired.

Tokyo Station is located across from the Imperial Palace and the main station has 10 different train platforms on 20 separate tracks and more than 4000 trains arrive at the station each day.  In addition to the main building there is an extensive array of underground passageways in the station that provide access to additional train lines and Tokyo Metro.  The station is also where most of the Shinkansen, or bullet train, lines begin and end.

The Japan Times article titled Tokyo Station face-lift adds old, new looks is worth a read if you would like to learn more about the renovation plans.

Photo Credit:  Wikimedia, Tokyo Station & Tokyo station marunouchi old