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Tokyo Summer Festival

The theme of the 24th annual Tokyo Summer Festival is Forest Echoes/Desert Voices. This year’s Tokyo Summer Festival takes you on a musical journey through noisy forests and silent deserts. The event takes place from July 3 to 31 at various venues throughout the city.

Some of the events at this years festival include:

  • Performances by pianist and guitarist, Egberto Gismonti, a Brazilian who was classically trained in Paris,
  • A body painting and dance Workshop with Karajá Indians,
  • Traditional Tuareg musical performances from the Amazon,
  • Shinto Theatrical Dance, Toshita Kagura, will present ancient folk tales from Japan that date back more that 200 years, and
  • The finale will be a festive concert where the stage is given to the future generation of Japanese musicians along with past and present winners of the prestigious Arion Award.

For more information and how to purchase tickets visit the Arion-Edo Foundaton website.

Photo Credit: Flickr, Samurai