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Trendy Toys are Poppin’ in Tokyo

June 18, 2008

Trendy Toys are Poppin’ in Tokyo

Have you ever popped bubble wrap? I know I have, and sometimes it’s been a lot more entertaining that the gift that it came wrapped around!

Bandai, a Japanese toy company took that idea and turned it into a line of hot selling keychains named Mugen Putiputi (Japanese for “pop pop”) key chains, which allow people to pop or snap plastic air bubbles endlessly. The Mugen Putiputi received the Trendy Toy award for uniqueness and wide acceptance this week in Tokyo.

Other award winners included:

  • Bandai’s Eye Clops, a powerful digital microscope that connects to a TV,
  • Tomy Company Ltd.’s Byun Byun Circuit, a race track that enhances play with realistic sounds,
  • Micro Slot Car Owner’s Basic Set which is a compact racing course small enough to be placed on a desk corner and is also by Tomy, and
  • Sega Toys Co.’s Omisede Okaimono Oshaberi-ippai Anpanman Register, a talking cash register featuring the Anpanman (pictured to the right) garnered the Universal award for toys that can be played by children with disabilities.

To catch a glimpse of the toys that might wins these awards next year check out the International Tokyo Toy Show 2008 this weekend at Tokyo Big Sight. It’s a free event that will be open to the public on Saturday June 21st from 9-5 and on Sunday June 22nd from 9-4.

Photo Credit: Flickr, They Arrived!, personal collection