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Wednesday’s Ward – Edogawa

Edogawa, founded in 1937, is one of the more populated wards of Tokyo with over 600 thousand people making their home in just over 49 square kilometers.  Tokyo Bay is the southern border of Edogawa and it is bordered by Chiba Prefecture to the west.


In March and April, see the Cherry Blossom Festival along Komatsugawa Promenade or at Komatsugawa-Sakaigawa Shinsui Park.

In June visit the Koiwa Iris Garden to see over 50 thousand flowers in full bloom.

One of the largest fireworks shows in Tokyo is held on the banks of the Edogawa river in early August each year.

Blow your own glass wind chime at Edo Furin (map) throughout the year.

The Sights

Spend a day at Kasai Rinkai Koen, one of the largest parks in Tokyo and home to Tokyo Sea Life Park, a great aquarium only 15 minutes from Tokyo station.


Take the free bus from Nishi Kasai Staion to Gyosen, home of the Shizen Zoo that has a small petting zoo, offers a bit fishing, in addition to a small collection of animals.

The city website offers a listing of Parks in Edogawa  as well as a list of Sports Facilities that include Edogawa Sports Land (map) where you can swim in the summer and pull out your ice skates in the winter.

Edogawa was featured in an article titled “To infinity and beyond” in 2007 and in  “Good cool hunting in Edogawa” this year, both articles are from the Japan Times.

Fun Facts & Trivia

Seven rivers run through the city, with a combined total length of 45 kilometers.

Edogawa has adopted the Camphor Tree and the Azalea in the city tree ad flower respectively.

Image Credit: Flickr, edogawa fireworks 2008 & kasai rinkai park, tokyo 葛西臨海公園・東京

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