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Wednesday’s Ward – Itabashi

Itabashi-ku is home to over 500 thousand people in a little more than 32 square kilometers.  In English, Itabashi means “plank bridge” which recalls an early, innovative bridge, that spanned one of the rivers flowing through the ward in the Heian Period (794-1185).

The area is home to a number of sights and attractions including the Itabashi Art Museum and the Itabashi Historical Museum (pictured below).

The Itabashi City website offers information for foreigners and visitors including seasonal events and traditional arts & crafts from the area. The sightseeing guide around ITABASHI ART MUSEUM provides some great options when planning a visit to Itabashi City in Tokyo as does the Tokyo Tourism Info – Itabashi-ku area guide.

Image Credit:  Flickr, Itabashi Historical Museum (郷土資料館) (2/2) #8737

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