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Wednesday’s Ward – Katsushika

Katsushika-ku is home to over 400 thousand people in a little less than 35 square kilometers.  The ward was the setting for a famous Japanese movie “Otoko wa Tsuraiyo”, in English “It Is Hard To Be A Man”, and a statue of the lead character, Tora-san can bee seen near the Shimabata Station.

Also near Shimabata Station is Taishakuten Temple where you can browse a 200 meter long strip of shops selling dumplings, candy and traditional toys on your way the temple.

Mizumoto Park (PDF) is home to over 600 cherry trees, the largest concentration of Japanese Irises in Tokyo and forests of Japanese Poplar and Metasequoai trees and is well worth a visit.

Take a walk through Katsushika, download the PDF Guide to Katsushika sights from the city’s website or read through ATT.Japan’s article on Katsushika and Kita Senju to plan you visit.

Image Credit: Flickr, The life of a travelling salesman &  Wikipedia, Shimabata Taishakuten

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