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Wednesday’s Ward – Let’s Explore the 23 Wards of Tokyo

When I first started writing The Tokyo Traveler in March of this year I shared a little bit about Tokyo and told you that the city includes 23 special wards (ku in Japanese), 26 cities (shi), 5 towns (cho) and 8 villages (son) along with some other interesting facts.  The 23 special wards covers an area of about 621 square kilometers and are home to seventy percent of city’s over twelve million residents.  Many of the cities landmark tourist destinations are located in this area and it is also the cultural, commercial and business center of the city.

With that in mind, staring next Wednesday, I will tell you a little bit about each of the 23 special wards of the city.  The series will be called “Wednesday’s Ward” and will be a weekly feature for the following 23 Wednesdays here at The Tokyo Traveler.

Stay tuned to learn about cultural events, tourist destinations, regional food specialties and other interesting facts about each of the wards.  Some wards are a beehive of activity and others are more quiet residential areas but we will cover them all in alphabetical order as listed below this map, which will provide some geographic perspective on our journey though Tokyo.

23 Special Wards of Tokyo
(in Alphabetic Order)

  • Adachi
  • Arakawa
  • Bunkyo
  • Chiyoda
  • Chuo
  • Edogawa
  • Itabashi
  • Katsushika
  • Kita
  • Koto
  • Meguro
  • Minato
  • Nakano
  • Nerima
  • Ota
  • Setagaya
  • Shibuya
  • Shinagawa
  • Shinjuku
  • Suginami
  • Sumida
  • Taito
  • Toshima

Join me next Wednesday as we begin our journey through the 23 special wards of Tokyo with Adachi-ku.  It will be a lot of fun and a great way to learn more about the huge metropolis of Tokyo.

Image Credit:  Wikimedia, Tokyo Special Wards Map