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Welcome to The Tokyo Traveler

Welcome to The Tokyo Traveler! My name is Shane Sakata and I will be your guide to the newest destination on the b5 travel & culture channel. I am looking forward to providing you with some tips, resources and insights into the city’s sights, sounds and culture that will help you plan your next trip to Tokyo, whether you have to get on a plane or just want to experience it virtually.

Tokyo is a vibrant city that somehow balances its ancient past with very modern innovation. On any given day you may come across kimono-clad women serving tea at a historic temple or find yourself awed by the neon lights and giant television screens of the well know Ginza or Shinjuki districts.

There are so many wonderful sights to see and things to do and I look forward to taking you along with me as you read The Tokyo Traveler.

If you want to read more about me check out my b5 bio here or my personal blog where I cover my A typical Life.