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What will 100 Yen Buy in Tokyo?

August 14, 2008

What will 100 Yen Buy in Tokyo?

If you have 100 Yen in your pocket and you need a shopping fix then I know the place for you! Actually you will probably want to bring more than 100 Yen with you when you head out for a Daiso shopping spree…

Daiso is a discount department store where most items can be purchased for a dollar. They have household goods, food, gardening supplies, party supplies, stationery, souvenirs items and and my favorite, dishes!

I will admit that I have a Daiso problem, and so does my husband…whenever we pass by one he has to hold onto the change in his pocket while trying to restrain me! After all, dishes are heavy, difficult to pack and can be a tad pricey to ship back home.

Daiso operates 2,500 stores throughout Japan and 660 of them are in the Kanto region that includes Tokyo. I have been to the Harajuku Store which is located on Takeshita Dori, but my favorite is the seven floor Giga Funabashi store that can keep me entertained for a couple of hours and is the one that my husband fears most!

Did I say I like dishes? Here are some that I purchased on a recent trip to Daiso. I spent a total of Y2,400 (around US $24) and came home with six settings for sashimi and six for zaru soba, two of my favorite Japanese foods. If your budget allows you to spend a bit more than 100 Yen on each item then why not check out a new store that I have seen popping up all around Tokyo. The 3 Coins stores offer all of their products for, you guessed it, 3 coins, that’s 3, 100 yen coins! Still a bargain, the 3 Coins stores tend to be smaller and offer a more limited selection but they are definitely worth checking out if you happen to spy one while you are out and about in Tokyo (locations – Babel Fish translation).

Image Credit: Personal Collection