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Where to Find Tokyo Tourist Information

The place to go if you’ve forgotten your guidebook or want to find out what your guidebook might have missed are the Tokyo Tourist Information Offices. Officially sanctioned and supported by the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau there are offices conveniently located in Shinjuku, Ueno and at Haneda Airport. The Shinjuku Tokyo Tourist Information Office can be accessed via the stations west exit and is within close proximity to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observation Towers which offer a view of the city’s skyline from 202 meters with no admission fee.  Near Ueno Park and Ueno Zoo you will find the Keise Ueno Tokyo Tourist Information Office and there is also the Haneda Tokyo Tourist Information Office located in the airport that serves most domestic and some international flights.

The Japan National Tourist Organization also operates Tourist Information Centers in Yurakucho and at Narita Airport.

Lastly, Asakusa also has a good tourist information office located directly across from the Kaminarimon Gate and Senso-ji Temple.

In addition to the various tourism offices mentioned above I recommend stopping by the brochure stands in major hotels, museums and other tourist destinations.  You might just find information on that special something that will take your Tokyo trip over the top!

Image Credit: Flickr, Japan Tourism Office