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Yakiniku – Get your Grill on!

Yakiniku is a meat lovers dream dinner! Yakiniku translates to “grilled meat” and that’s exactly what it is. When you arrive at a Yakiniku restaurant you will notice that all of the tables have a grill in the center – that’s because you cook your own food. Yakiniku is served family style so if you go with a group you can order a variety of dishes and eat as much or as little as you like.

When we go we usually start off with a couple of beer while we ponder the menu. We then order a salad, some kim-chi, a plate of chicken, some beef and some steamed rice. Depending on the restaurant, vegetable and seafood plates may also be available.

Once you have placed your order your waiter or waitress will fire up your grill in anticipation of the food that’s about to arrive. When the food arrives you will find that the beef is usually well marbled and the chicken is marinated to perfection.

Now you get to cook! Grab your chopsticks, select a piece of meat and slap it onto the grill. Take a sip of your beer and chat with your friends while inhaling, with anticipation, the appetizing aroma of grilling food. When your meat is cooked to perfection remove it from the grill and dip it into one of the various sauces that are provided by the restaurant. Now take a bite – oishi (delicious!). Take another sip of your beer and repeat until you are full.

Yakiniku goes great with friends and beer and is always a good time so check it out! You can find Yakiniku restaurants in most major cities and if you can’t find Yakiniku try Korean Barbeque – it’s a variation on the same theme.

Our favorite Yakiniku restaurant is located near the Makuhari-Hongo station, about 35 minutes from Tokyo. Check out the lovely design of the matchbook cover from the restaurant at Fly Away Cafe.

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