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Yokoso Japan Weeks 2009

“Enjoy and Experience the unique Japanese Culture” is the tagline for Yokoso Japan’s Japan Weeks 2009 promotion.  Running from January 20 through February 28, 2009, the theme for this promotion is hands on experiences and shopping.

Nearly one-quarter of the nation’s department stores and half of the 40 outlet malls throughout Japan are participating in the Yokoso Japan Weeks 2009 campaign. Various events, hands-on experience tours, and privilege campaigns will be hosted by nearly 600 stores throughout the country. A wide variety of services will be offered as well as free original gifts. 

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of discounts on shopping and accommodation and to learn more about the culture of Japan.  If you plan on being in the Tokyo area in early 2009, take some time to browse through the different events and discounts available for visitors to the Kanto Region.  Here are just a few of the great events going on: 

Modern Cultural Experiences: 

• Sign up for fashion tour of Harajuku,• Check out the latest electronics in Akihabara,• Take a helicopter tour of the city or,

• Wisit one of the city’s great museums.  

Traditional Cultural Experiences:

• Take a calligraphy class,• Learn how to make sushi, • Create an Ikebana flower arrangement,• Learn how to wear a Kimono,• Take a ride in a Rickshaw or,

• Learn the way of Samurai and Ninja.  

There is so much to do and see during Yokoso Japan Weeks 2009 that you will want to stay for the whole month so that you can fit everything in!